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Academic Council

The Academic Council reviews all university academic matters particularly teaching and research. It consists of the following members:
-The Rector who chairs the Council;
-The Academic Director who serves as Secretary;
-The Public Relations and Communication Director;
-Deans of Faculties (all);
-Heads of Departments (all);
-Library Director;
-Two students’ representatives of both sexes elected by their colleagues;

Main duties of the Academic Council
The functions of the Academic Council are as follow:
-Develop research and teaching strategies and programs which must be submitted to the Council of Directors for approval before implementation;
-Prepare and submit academic regulations for approval to the Council of Directors concerning admission conditions, teaching conditions, discipline, exam writing, certificates and degrees delivered by the University;
-Assess any question related to exams or other forms of evaluation before submitting them for approval to the Council of Directors;
-Coordinate activities related to teaching and research in faculties, departments, and other training and research centers;
-Suggest and submit to the Council of Directors any suggestion concerning the establishment, reduction, amendment, cancellation or merger of faculties, departments, and centers inside the university;
-Prepare and submit to the Council of Directors the annual report and planning of academic activities, research, and teaching conducted in the university;
-Conduct and implement any other duty according to needs as guided by the Council of Directors

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