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The future of a nation is noted, among other facts, by the education of its youth who constitute the labor force for now and for the future. Aware of the necessity of increasing educational opportunities for the entire regional and Burundian youths, East Africa Star University organizes the University Institute in order to offer professional education ranging from three months to two years leading to the award of professional certificates and diplomas.

This offer targets particularly young people who have not successfully passed University entrance examinations, but also the proposed program is more practical and has the advantage of attracting persons who are interested by a short training that is adapted to the needs of the labor market.



 Training for service.



 Contribute to the transmission of knowledge through intellectual training adapted to the requirements of the labor market.



 Cibitoke University Institute proposes the following values to its students:

Service for all


General Information

Institute’s Objectives

Cibitoke University Institutes has the following objectives:

  • Proposing post-secondary education in business management, social sciences, education, computer science, and medical sciences;
  • Offering post-secondary education opportunities to high school leavers especially those who do not have State Diploma (Diplôme d’Etat);
  • Training a generation of employees with sufficient knowledge, competitive, and affordable in accordance with the requirements of the labor market;
  • Organizing researches in the teaching areas;
  • Encouraging partnership between the Institute and other institutions pursuing the same objectives.


Structure and organisation of programs


The Institute proposes a training program in two big subdivisions. On the one hand, the Institute organizes a one year training, meaning two semesters, for all candidates whose secondary education level does not give access to study programs offered by the Institute and who are at least 25 years of age. This training focuses on the acquisition of knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology without forgetting the acquisition of modern languages. It is a training which has the objective of laying down the foundations so that the student may pursue better post-secondary education.

On the other hand, INUCI organizes a two years program, meaning four semesters, for full time students who are pursuing diploma programs. After 120 credits of study at the Institute, a student earns a professional diploma. With regard to part-time students, they will have to spend three years, meaning six semesters, in order to complete their studies.

Faithful to the teaching system at East Africa Star University (EASU) and in accordance with the law on higher education in Burundi, INUCI offers training in terms of study units. Each semester will have at least two or at most five study units.

Currently, Cibitoke University Institute is organized with three governement authorized institutes:

- Institute of Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting

- Institute of Early Childhood Education

- Institute of Community Health

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