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Diploma in Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting

Diploma in Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting

Training objectives


  • Train capable accountants who can work in the labor world ;
  • Learn different accounting software ;
  • Train students for financial analysis ;

Targeted abilities:

This diploma in accounting and finance will enable students:

  • To master accounting and financial techniques;
  • To master fiscal and legal concepts;
  • To master various software used by professionals;
  • To resolve real problems;
  • To maximise time and schedule management.

Career opportunities

Holders of this professional diploma will hold positions and perform the following activities:

  • Supporting officers in accounting firms;
  • Supporting auditors;
  • Assistant auditor;
  • Assistant administrative and financial officer;
  • Accountant and chief accountant;
  • Treasurer;
  • Assistant controller;
  • Assistant business lawyer;
  • Etc.

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